Coaching executives to deliver clear
and memorable business messages

The world has changed.

We are living and working in a fast moving environment where there are frequent changes to political environments, market economies, trading conditions and technologies externally - and internally to roles, team dynamics and organisational structures.

In this challenging environment, the ability to structure simple and effective messages and deliver them with clarity, confidence and impact is a critical skill.

Covid 19: We have been providing coaching via webinar since 2008. So remote working isn't new to us. We have provided entire courses to individual executives in China, Dubai, Kazahkstan, Malawi, Mexico, South Africa - as well as leadership and management teams around the globe (please see our client list).

Since the Covid 19 outbreak we have transitioned to providing all our coaching via Cisco Webex and Zoom. Not only is this a fanstastic medium to be coached in, we can help YOU to be more effective yourself - wheather speaking remotely or face-to-face. And find out how to take your skills to the next level.

Professional Voice is the leading supplier of voice and messaging skills training to the global business market. The focus of our coaching is to enable executives to create persuasive business messages and deliver them with impact - whatever the business situation. These skills are especially important for business leaders who are driving change, showcasing their organisations and transitioning company culture.

Our unique combination of technical expertise and business understanding enables us to effect measurable improvements in the executive's speaking skills in a short space of time. The coaching builds on the existing strengths of the executive and provides practical tools and techniques for both immediate and career-long use.

Intensive 1-1 programs and group courses for leadership and executive development can be provided. Find out why these courses regularly achieve 5/5 ratings and call us today. 

Business application areas covered by our coaching include: 

Businesses today are operating in a volatile, uncertain, and complex environment. Because of this, the pressure on our managers and leaders to convey their messages clearly and effectively in any speaking context has never been greater.

Kimberly Clark has worked with Professional Voice for several years now, to enable our middle and senior level executives to speak with clarity, impact and authority in the international business arena. The quality of training has been consistently high, and feedback on training benefit and professionalism is excellent both for group and 1-1 coaching formats.

Centre of Excellence, Kimberly Clark